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Team Lund


Field Staff

Jonah Winter




Jonah was born in a small rural community in north central Minnesota.  The son of a fishing guide, a passion for the outdoors was bred into him.  Jonah started hunting waterfowl in 1998 with friends and family in northern Minnesota primarily targeting Giant Canada Geese and diving ducks.  Hunts would most often take place before school as he played high school football all through his teenage years.  Canada Geese would eventually become his bird of choice.   He learned to call from MN Junior State Champion Goose Caller Clayton Eberhart, who shared his passion for the Short Reed Goose calling with Jonah.  The intrigue of watching the birds respond to the call was very exciting to him, and he knew if he could learn to make the right sounds he could steer the geese right into the kill zone.  The passion for calling geese with a short reed has been fall past time ever since and led him to hunt geese from as far east as Indiana to as far west as Washington state.  Jonah favorite geese to hunt are big late season migrators that have been hunted hard and have to be worked for!


“My favorite type of hunt is late season corn fields running small spreads and well hidden blinds and hunting sleeper shells in blowing snow.” – Jonah Winter

Kevin Sikorski


Waterfowl  hunting is my passion, also enjoy deer and spring turkey  hunting. I'm a bronze sponsor of ducks  unlimited and a working member of the pymatuning  d.u. chapter. Work for the Euclid Chemical  Co. In Cleveland  Ohio since 1989. There's no feeling  like being  in the feild or in the duck blind




Zack New - Extrem Delta Outdoors


Jimmy Silotto


I am 28 years old. I live in Clinton, Indiana, I am employed at North American Lighting in Paris, Illinois. I began hunting when I was 6 years old, and haven't missed a season since. I'm an avid hunter from small game such as rabbits to big game in the mid-west like the illusive whitetail. My passion for hunting has grown tremendously for the past 22 year. Turkey hunting has to be my biggest passion of hunting. There is just something about hearing the big strutter gobble, and then show off whether you are successful or not.


     I was just recently married May of 2015, and also have a two year old daughter. My wife has harvested one turkey and one buck. My daughter has a love for the outdoors already. So, hopefully with a little guidance, I wll be getting her into the outdoors like my uncle did me; which is the one of the biggest goals I have, "Children are our future". I am also a commette member of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) here in Clinton, Indiana. To me hunting isnt just somthing I do to pass the time. It is a part of who I am, and what I am meant to do and what I am supposed to oass on to our next generation to come. With, that I will get to have more memories of great hunting experiences with great friends and family. Tha is what the passion of this great sports means to me. Have Fun, Be Safe, Learn, Teach and most of all HUNT HARD!!



Busted Whitetail Outdoors 

   Corey & Melinda Johnson 

Our name is Corey and Melinda Johnson. My dad introduced me into hunting at the young age of 9. I've been in the hunting industry for approximately 30 years. I met my wife, Melinda 5 years ago and she loves hunting as much as I do. We enjoy calling in those longbeards and whitetails. We are already gearing up and looking forward to a successful season. When not hunting we spend time with our family. We have 8 children and 17 grandchildren. Our holidays are... well a lot of fun ! We love family coming over and sitting around the campfire,

nathan guy .jpg

Nathan Guy

   Southern Illinois 

Nathan grew up in Southern Illinois cutting his teeth squirrel hunting until he was old enough to sit in a deer stand by himself. During his 20 years on military service he would spend his days off, fishing and chasing small game in the areas he was stationed while saving up vacations days to go back to Illinois to deer hunt. In 2006 he was introduced to turkey hunting in Northern Missouri that spurred a 10 year quest to complete the turkey grand slam, between deployment to the Middle East he finally completed his turkey Grand Slam in March of 2016. The Grand Slam was a journey that he shared with his dad. He continues to take annual hunting trips throughout the country with his family from Rio's in Oklahoma, to Mule deer and Antelope in Wyoming. In 2018 Nathan was introduced to total different type of hunting, Which has consumed him. The Mississippi Fly Way is the normal landing spot you can find him during the waterfowl season. Next bucket list hunt is a waterfowl hunt in Alaska in 2020. 

 -Extreme Delta  Team – Chase Moody, RJ Walker, Kagney Brown, Dwayne Miller, George Dubourg Jeremy Day


We have been lifelong friends and decided to take our adventure to the next level and start promoting companies as we go. We come from all walks of life and love everything about the outdoors. We fish for everything and hunt everything. We all work 40 hour jobs and hunt and fish every spare second we have. We started Extreme Delta Outdoors 2014 and worked very hard to get it to where we are today. Our motto is failure is not an option. We want to bring the fun back to the industry on all levels and not just when you harvest something like you see on tv. Success will never alter us because we know where we come form and that’s one of the largest problems in the industry today. We want to spread knowledge about our sponsored products and stay very customer and follower oriented. Hunt Hard but Hunt Safe!

Bobby McWhorter 


 -I have a passion for hunting, fishing and sharing my love for the outdoors with family and friends. I have an absolutely amazing wife that allows me to dream big and enjoy the outdoors. I’m the father of 2 boys, one that I can’t wait to meet for the first time this coming July 2017. Im a career firefighter in Bloomington, In and love my job. I started out deer hunting and transitioned to waterfowl about 8 years ago, and have enjoyed every minute of it. Its just something about sharing the duck blind or sitting in a goose field, making memories with family and friends that makes waterfowl hunting so enjoyable.

Paul Lambert 

   North Dakota 

I am 43 years old born in PA but lived in ND since 1996. I am married with 2 girls one of which loves to hunt as much as I do. I have been a firefighter for about 25 years. I am currently an Assistant Chief for the Minot AFB FD. I am also a volunteer hunter education instructor for the state. I started going along on hunts with my dad as far back as I can remember. I began hunting small game and deer at age 12, but only started waterfowl hunting about 6 years or so ago and just love it. I still deer hunt but only rifle season, as bow hunting takes too much time away from the pheasant and waterfowl. I started introducing the guys from fire house to waterfowl and they seem to love it too. I have sort of become the fire house guide for those wanting to try hunting for the first time or those wanting to start again

Aaron Smith 


Born and raised in Maryland, I have grown up developing a passion for

Maryland's waterfowl. I have been hunting since I was 15, and that I

am 26, I am still learning and trying to understand waterfowl. I

learned to hunt from my uncle, who has taught and continues to teach

me about the birds. I have a passion for not only hunting, but also

for conversation and teaching other about hunting. I am a current

member of Ducks Unlimited in Maryland. I look forward to bringing my

passion and enthusiasm for hunting to Team Lund

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